General Members

Md. Marjanur Rahman

Md. Marjanur Rahman, 4th year student of Department of Finance, University of Dhaka. He is one of big example to make smart merit position in University of Dhaka from rural area. He wants to help many rural students for making hope that he learned. To help many young people in rural area, he joined e-Education. He is one of director of e-Education. He said, higher education is possible by distance learning innovation.

Mr. Nurul Momen Khan

Mr. Nurul Momen is an Associate Director of Bangladesh e-Education Project from 2012. He is an Active member of e-Education. He completed his Masters on Accounting Subject. His mission is to support rural students by e-Education.

Mr. Shuhei Kitagawa

Education: economics and political science at waseda university, Tokyo, japan. his dream makes the world better place.

Chungyi Chang

Entrepreneurial and innovative consultant and data analysis professional with a global view and solid local connections in the SEA and ASPA areas. Possesses exceptional communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills. Vast experience working for venture companies, and proven project and business management experience having. Acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (International Relations) from National Taiwan University. Currently seeking a Consultancy role within a consulting firm covering the e-commerce sector, new market development, and electronic products.

Md. Borahan Unddin Helal

He is 18 years old, and is one of the cleverest students at the village of Haimchor. Despite graduating high school with an excellent result, he did not have the money to go to preparatory school for university, and that was when he came upon e-Education. He made up his mind to participate in the project, and after a number of video lectures, his grades improved significantly day by day. He soon came to be called the “ace” in the first participants of e-Education. Now, he is student of University of Dhaka. He proved that students can success by e-Education Innovation.


She is 18 years old and also graduated high school with outstanding grades. However, her Muslim parents would not let her go to preparatory school in Dhaka, and gave up going to university.Mr. Mannan, a high school teacher in the village, recommended her to participating in e-Education. After meeting with e-Education, she aspires to go to university again. She admitted to e-Education and successes by distance learning innovation system. She was first female e-education students in 2010.

Md. Sujon

Md. Sujon, was student of e-Education in 2011. He made revolutionary result in admission test of Dhaka University at business studies faculty. He admitted Department of Finance at University of Dhaka. He said e-Education lectures made him to learn more. “I had no hope before joining e-Education but e-Education helped to make my Dream said Md. Sujon”. He wants to be a Banker.

Mr. Opurbo

Opurbo is 2nd year student, Department of Accounting, University of Dhaka. He was student of e-Education in 2011. He made great success in admission test. He said e-Education is hoped to make mission. Md. Mubarak Hossian

MD Mubarak Hossian

Mr. Hossian is one of the students of e-Education project and currently, studying in University of Dhaka at the department of Development Studies.

Mr. Kutub-E-Zahan

Mr. Zahan is specially-assigned as an English teacher for e-Education Project in Bangladesh. He is one of the most famous English teacher in Bangladesh, he wrote must read “English Work Book” for university admission aspiring students of Bangladesh. In 2006, he received the “Best Teacher of Bangladesh” award. He is operating UAC, a major university admission preparatory school. He wants to deploy his talent for the betterment of the society.

Md. Hafizur Rahman

Md. Hafizur Rahman, is a famous teacher in Accounting Subject. Now, he is working as lecturer of Shiddeswari Girls collage in Dhaka.

Md. Moshian Rahman

Md. Moshian Rahman, is a popular teacher in Mathematics. Now, he is working as Assistance professor and head of the Department of Mathematics in Metropolitan Collage Dhaka.

Mr. Muhammad Gulib Ahmed

He is assigned as Bengali teacher for the e-Education Project in Bangladesh. He is highly acclaimed teacher by the students for better teaching technique.

Mr. Monir Khan Emon

He is assigned as a General Knowledge teacher for the e-Education Project in Bangladesh. He the most acclaimed Bengali Teacher to Students for good sense of humor and effective teaching technique. He wrote the book “Ekmathro Bissho” which is a must-read book for the university admission aspiring students.

Mohammad Amanul Islam, BCS (Agri)

Upazilla Agriculture Officer, Haimchor, Chandpur.

Kaori Yoshida

Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University.