Computer School

Computer training school (outsourcing training):

The aim of this project is to create jobs for female through providing training on outsourcing. Many female of Bangladesh don’t have any job outside of their home. Even many educated female are also included in this portion. Our innovation is very simple, that is we provide training them on outsourcing (like data entry, web-designing) so that they can work staying in side of their home by using computer and internet modem. So they don’t need to work out side at home. As result, they will be able to support their families; kids’ and husband successfully. At the same time, they can look after their families properly without hamper and as reward they will earn a handsome amount of money through outsourcing. Due to increasing demand of out sourcing, we believe this innovation might have possibility, in near future, to create millions of job for female of Bangladesh. Regarding this, proper training is compulsory on outsourcing because it requires some skills for success in specific work. We believe, providing training on out sourcing will be sustainable for skills development of female. As consequence, it will empower them economically and socially.

We already trained-up 100 women on web-designing, Data Entry and BPO ( Business processing outsource). Currently. 120 women including male are working under a Data Entry project under our company( BacBon Ltd). So we can say that we have already created 120 people job by this simple training program. If someone is interested to work as data entry project, please contact with our company. We have big-amount of data entry project at BacBon Ltd.

Mission and Innovation

Applying e-learning (DVD) system, a system that uses DVD as medium to bring best teaching resources for remote and backward areas of Bangladesh like Haimchor (village). E-learning helps poor students targeting to get best education and best teachings and get best preparation for university entrance exams and class higher secondary exams. We arranged first video learning class in rural area of Bangladesh in 2010. It opened the new windows for students to get the best teaching through using IT. Our mission is to create new movement of education where each and every people will deserve equal right of education. Distance learning innovation might have such capacity and capability to ensure equal rights of education for all. And this is our area of specialization and innovation.