Sayed Ahmed Sheikh
He is a social activist. He works to improve life and livelihoods of char people. He is also involved with char development movement.
General Secretary
Abdul Matin Skeikh Maheen is one of the rising entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. He is very dynamic, hardworking and passionate person who wishes to touch sky if possible. He is one of very few young leading persons who already achieved many international awards as recognition of his contribution for education sector of Bangladesh. Mr. Maheen studied in Hitotsubashi University at International Public Policy School, Tokyo, Japan, as a Graduate Student under Monobukagasu (MEXT) Scholarship, 2014-2016. He was also Research Student at Business school of Hitotsubashi University,Tokyo, Japan, for 2012-2103. He completed his Diploma on ‘Social Innovation and Business’ from Institute of Innovation Research (IIR) in 2011 under IIR Scholarship. In addition, he achieved a Graduate Diploma from University of Texas, USA. Prior to that, he achieved his Undergraduate Degree from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Department of Development Studies in 2011. Mr. Maheen, as part of his many voluntary jobs, was the Founder of ‘Pray for Japan’ and ‘We love Japan’ a campaign for tsunami and earthquake affected people of Japan in 2011. In Addition, he supported campaign for Tohoku people of Japan as well as worked as volunteer in Tohoku in 2011. Mr. Maheen as promising future academician has already written a book on ‘Analogy Google’ (a book on English Language) in 2011. He also co-authored ‘Visualization of the role expectation for strategy management using the Delphi method and the Importance-Performance Analysis in dysphagia rehabilitation nursing services’. He also published along with his friend Atsuyoshi Saisho the project book ‘the DDG Book’ in 2011. In his professional career, Mr. Maheen has been acting as the General Secretary of BacBon Foundation and as CEO of BacBon Ltd. He has also served as consultant of World Bank for e- Education of Bangladesh for 2014. Subsequently, Mr. Maheen worked as Research Assistant at Institute of Innovation Research (IIR), Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan, 2014. Currently, he is working as consultant of JICA for BOP project for 2015-2018. Mr. Maheen is the founder of ‘BacBon Foundation’ and ‘BacBon Limited’ in 2014 as well as Co-Founder e-Education Project in 2009. Mr. Maheen has received many international awards as recognition of his activities. He achieved around eight awards from abroad such as Dell Social Innovation Award-2012, CITIZEN of the Year award, Japan 2014, TAKEDA Young Entrepreneurship Award from Tokyo University and Lenovo Innovation Award-2013. In addition to that, Maheen Matin was present in many national and international TV shows and Interviews as well as many features has been published in national and international dailies on his activities. Mr. Maheen’ area of Concentration is ‘Poverty Alleviation’ ‘ICT’, ‘Education Sector’ and Farming’. Saishoin 2012 from “Dell Social Innovation Challenge-2012”, Texas, and USA.
Md. Arif Ullah Khan
Mr. Khan graduated from the Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka. After his graduation from University of Dhaka, he has been working for the improvement of the education sector of Bangladesh. In his career, he has served as National Consultant of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA); Country Project Manager “e-Education Bangladesh”, a project under e-Education Japan NPO; Project Manager, Economic Division of British India, IDE-JETRO; Project Manager, Bengali Translation Project, GOOGLE Inc.; and “Coordinator of e-Science Project in Bangladesh” supported by World Bank and SEQAEP. Currently, he is serving as Executive Director of BacBon Limited. In addition, he is treasurer of BacBon Foundation. He cherishes dream to ensure quality education for all students of Bangladesh.
Director (Research)
Mr. Imran Hossain Bhuiyan
Mr. Imran Hossain Bhuiyan is a Lecturer at the Department of Development Studies, University of Dhaka (DU). Before joining in the academia, he has served ‘South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM)’ for about 2 years as ‘Research Analyst’ and focused his research broadly on sectors like education, women entrepreneurship, leather sector development, and green growth. Besides his promising academic and research career, he also serves non-profit development organizations as part of his social commitment. Since early 2014, he has been serving as an active member of the ‘BacBon Foundation’ in order to promote social development in marginal communities through education, entrepreneurship, and extensive use of ICT.
Director (International Relation)
Mr. Khaled Mahammud Tuhin
Mr. Khaled Mahammud Tuhin has graduated from the Victoria University of Bangladesh. He is a MEXT Scholar and currently is studying at Public Policy School in Hitotsubashi University, Japan. He is serving as one of directors of BacBon Foundation.
Director, Communication
Meher Afroz
She has graduated from the Department of Bangla, University of Dhaka.
Director (National Affairs)
Sheuly Hossion
Sheuly Hossion completed her MBA in Jagannath University. Currently, she is serving as a lecturer in Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College. She is one of the directors of BacBon Foundation.