About Us


“BacBon” is a Non-Government, developmental organization dedicated to alleviating social poverty through education, utilizing new farming technologies, empowering women, and distant-learning educational protocols.BacBon further aims to create job opportunities through education for mostly neglected, marginalized and destitute peoples. Since 2009, BacBonhas been pioneering its e-Education project throughout southern Bangladesh. Through distance-learning innovation, the e-Education project strives to create educational opportunities for many poor, young yet talented students who yearn for higher education.Additionally, our e-Farming project aims to introduce ICT innovation to, and modern farming technologies for, the agricultural development of Bangladeshi river islands (locally known as “Chors”) that have approximately 600,000 inhabitants. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, in partnership with the U.S.-based company EDGE,BacBonhas a seminal mission to create jobs for young women by providing computerized schooling (out-sourcing training programs). “We believe education is the backbone of a nation”, so, BacBon functions as a “chance maker” for aspiring future leaders, supporting people’s energies and pioneering spirits to change the world for the better.


Our mission is both to empower young people through providing accessto standard education and to create hope in the minds of each and every youngBangladeshi. We believe education is the best way to not only root-out poverty but also all social injustice from society. Targeting rural areas of Bangladesh, BacBon has invented an innovative distance-learning educational system, which we hope will become the desired educational medium for millions of students committed to achieving their higher education goals. In turn, we too are committed, through proper investment, to nurturing human capital toward the creation of a group of people who will becomethe future “change makers” of Bangladeshi society. Therefore, in order to strengthen the overall “backbone” of Bangladesh, our target mission is to empower rural Bangladeshis by innovatively providing skills’ training, education opportunities, and creating gainful, aspirational employment for women.

Organizing the Conference: “First International Conference on digital Education Dhaka”, September-2, 2015

Recently , we organized the “First International Conference on digital Education”, Dhaka- September-2, 2015. The aim of organizing the conference is to bring all the initiatives on ICT-based teaching-learning initiatives in a single platform, to promote “digital education” countrywide, to aware policy makers about the ongoing revolution in “digital education” and to promote policy reforms to revolutionize e-learning initiatives. 600 people joined our conference including 84 international guests where most of them from Japan.

Conference website link here: www.digitaleducationbd.com